History of NSNC Through My T-Shirts

you, the columnist

By Dave Lieber
Dallas Morning News columnist

Dave Lieber

Dave Lieber

I’m so excited about seeing everybody at the 2015 Indianapolis National Society of Newspaper Columnists conference that I started going through my wardrobe. What to wear? So many NSNC related T-shirts.

Then I realized, I could tell the story of our group through my T-shirts. (Hey, the boss says I gotta think pictures, think visual, think digital.)

So with Gentle Ben Pollock’s help, we’ve set up a creepy little slide show. No bikini-clad women. Just my clean (but un-ironed) cotton tops.

So here goes. (If the slides move too fast, hit that pause button in the middle then click the arrows to move through the pictures.)

The history of the saintly NSNC through my shirts:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* * *

Dave Lieber is The Watchdog investigative columnist for The Dallas Morning News. Curious about the chaos and havoc he is causing in the world? His stuff is free at dallasnews.com/watchdog.

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