Mark Segal Publishes Memoir

Jacket of "And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality" by Mark Segal Mark Segal, a National Society of Newspaper Columnists member, has written a memoir And Then I Danced: Traveling the Road to LGBT Equality. It was published October 6 by Akashic Books.

According to a press release, Mark is founder of the Philadelphia Gay News; co-founder and former president of the National Gay Press Association and the National Gay Newspaper Guild; a member of the Comcast/NBC Universal Joint Diversity Board; and was inducted recently into the National Lesbian & Gay Journalist Association’s Hall of Fame. Mark currently is president of the Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld Fund.

Kirkus Reviews writes: “[A] swiftly written debut memoir … [Segal] vividly describes his firsthand experience as a teenager inside the Stonewall bar during the historic riots, his participation with the Gay Liberation Front, and amusing encounters with Elton John and Patti LaBelle. … A jovial yet passionately delivered self-portrait inspiring awareness about LGBT history from one of the movement’s true pioneers.”

The Publishers Weekly review says in part: “The reader can clearly see how Segal’s fearless determination, cheerful tenacity, and refusal to attack his opponents made him a power broker in Philadelphia and a leading advocate on the national level. Segal fills his book with worthy stories … funny anecdotes and heart.”

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This piece first was published in the November 2015 issue of The Columnist, the monthly membership newsletter of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

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  1. syed ejaz hussain shah gillani
    November 29, 2015 at 3:57 pm

    I thik Mark segal is a brave man. in fact his memoir is great lesson for other peoples. truth never die is always alive .

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