Vice President

He is a parallel entrepreneur writes general interest and financial columns for both (general interest) print and on-line (financial) trade publications. He’s authored five books (with another coming soon), a stage play, and is in the process of producing a video documentary. He earned his BS (Intensive) in Physics and Astronomy from Yale University and an MBA in finance and marketing from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. At one time he was a top-rated AM disk jockey (in an incredibly small market) and in tenth grade wrote an original novel just to get out of a homework assignment. He was once a competitive chess player.

By night, Chris Carosa runs a boutique Registered Investment Adviser firm featuring a mutual fund that, in its twenty years, has eleven times earned a “top ten” spot in the Wall Street Journal’s monthly Mutual Fund Category Kings rankings.

That’s by day. As the sun sets, the suit and tie dissolve, the eyes glaze over and the hair frazzles as he transforms into his alter ego. He began life as a columnist in 1989 writing The Carosa Commentary in the Mendon-Honeoye Falls-Lima Sentinel ( After selling the paper in the mid-90s (to fund the start-up expenses of Carosa Stanton), he writing was limited to his first book (now out of print) and a few free lance pieces here and there. In 2005, The Journal for Financial Planning awarded his article “Passive Investing: The Emperor Exposed” the top prize under the Academic Research category.

…not quite a werewolf, but…

A few years later, the midnight monster could no longer be contained. In one-two-three order, the following occurred: 1) The United Nations accepted his “” ( (think Carl Sagan’s Cosmos meets Fox’s American Idol) as an official outreach project for its Year of Astronomy celebration; 2) He wrote The Macaroni Kid (, a musical-comedy stage play that was performed to sold out audiences; and, 3) He created (, an on-line trade journal that provides essential information, blunt commentary and practical examples for the ERISA/401k fiduciary, the individual trustee and the professional fiduciary.

He’s since taken on the role of “embedded reporter” within the financial industry in his role as Chief Contributing Editor of and as a regular columnist for other trade journals. In that role, he’s appeared on CNBC, in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and USA Today, as well as dozens of other television, radio, and print outlets. He is a member of the New York Press Association.

But when the day dawns, he returns to his mild-mannered desk behind five screens with up-to-the minute charts, live news feeds, and spreadsheets galore.

Chris lives in wonderful Western New York with his wife Betsy. They have three adult children. Chris’s lifetime dream is to lead the 17 western-most counties to successfully secede from New York State and become America’s 53rd state. Although he’ll settle for hosting Saturday Night Live.

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