Annual Contest Deadline Extended

by Cathy Turney
Column Contest Chair
The cavemen had it right– their column contests were conducted on clay tablets. Technology is great…when it works. Well, we’ve had some challenges this year, and so we’re extended the deadline for the 2017 NSNC Column Contest to Friday, March 31.
If you find the online submission method intimidating, here’s the most fail-proof method for you to submit:
  1. Print out the submission form:
  2. Fill it out by hand.
  3. Instead of PayPal, make out a check payable to NSNC and mail it to Cathy Turney, 1769 Sharon Dr., Concord, CA  94519.
  4. Make a photocopy of your columns. If they appeared online, print out a copy of the online version. If they appeared in print, make a photocopy of those.
  5. If the URL address does not appear on your printout, not to worry – there is a place on the entry form to list URLs.
  6. Mail your submission form, columns, and check to Cathy Turney (see #3, above).
The categories and simplified rules are HERE. As mentioned, if you are submitting columns under Categories E, F, G, and H please disregard the instruction that you must have the URL appear on that printout. But the URL must be listed on the entry form for purposes of verification.
You can still enter online HERE no worries. But if snail mail is more comfortable for you, we’re here for you that way, as well!
Thanks to all for your patience…and persistence!
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