Vice President Mike Morin Resigns

By Suzette Martinez Standring,
NSNC Executive Director

After a successful, active time on the NSNC board, Mike Morin has resigned as vice president for personal reasons.

“Barb, my partner of over a decade, has had Type I diabetes for 40 years. The resulting health issues for her now include heart disease and other significant collateral problems. My time is increasingly spent helping her with daily living as well as frequent doctor appointments. It is only fair to both parties (Barb and NSNC) that I step aside as VP and devote my full energies to Barb’s health and comfort,” said Morin.

The NSNC is grateful for his remarkable contributions.  He chaired the wildly successful 2017 NSNC conference in Manchester, NH, that featured Maureen Dowd and a host of big-name industry speakers (plus, attendees are still talking about the swag bags).

“Being the Manchester 2017 ringleader was one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done, and my selfless teammates pushed my efforts over the top,” said Morin.

During the later part of his 45 years as a radio and TV personality, he turned to authorship and column writing in 2005. The columnist for New Hampshire Magazine said, “My broadcasting career has taken me to the Grammys, interviewing two presidents, and writing my radio memoir, Fifty Shades of Radio – True Stories of a Morning Radio Guy Being Wired, Tired and Fired.”

Now he will concentrate on writing books, and, while taking a lesser role, Morin will continue to further the NSNC’s goal of offering the best conference for columnists and bloggers.

“I appreciate the dedication of fellow members who care deeply about the advancement of writing that matters and bringing everyone together every year to rekindle our writing and friendship mojo.”

Thank you, Mike!

Email Mike Morin: or join him on Facebook.

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Suzette Standring writes and teaches writing, and has broadened her career to include NSNC Executive Director.

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