Welcome Chris Carosa, NSNC Vice President

By Suzette Standring
NSNC Executive Director

The NSNC welcomes Chris Carosa as our new vice president.  The weekly columnist with The Mendon-Honeoye Falls-Lima Sentinel of New York stepped into the vice presidency after Mike Morin resigned mid-term.  

Carosa said, “I’m very honored to be invited to serve. I’ve always sought out groups that I feel would help broaden my knowledge and understanding in the field of journalism. I was immediately impressed by the joyful demeanor of NSNC’s members.”

His can-do ability is a perfect fit.

At the conclusion of the 2017 NSNC conference in Manchester, NH, Carosa suggested Buffalo, NY, for 2019 and volunteered to chair. Because of his connections and knowledge, all 2019 plans are in place at the Hotel Henry Urban Resort and Conference Center in Buffalo.

Two years advance planning at its best!

He is a financial analyst and columnist who has written for and appeared on CNBC, MarketWatch, Fox Business, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. He founded The Mendon-Honeoye Falls-Lima Sentinel, and sold the newspaper to start his own Registered Investment Adviser. In 2009, he started a trade journal, FiduciaryNews.com, and also writes for BenefitsPro.com and Benefits Selling Magazine. In 2016, he returned to The Sentinel as a weekly columnist.

Carosa’s backstory is colorful, which include stints as a comedy writer and radio DJ.  With a Yale degree in Physics and Astronomy, his plans to become an astronomer were dashed by the great recession in 1982. He took a bottom-rung job as an investment adviser and quickly moved up the ranks, which led to a career in financial analysis and journalism.

One passion is connecting the dots between causes and the people he meets to create a “group synergy.”  

Of the many journalism and financial conferences he attends, Carosa said, “Here’s the difference between the NSNC and all the other groups I belong to. The people at NSNC strike me as a group that aren’t afraid to put ‘having fun’ first. Too often people are forced by circumstances to always wear a serious face. Maybe it’s my age, but I’ve always thought Animal House taught us how to move forward while having a really good time.”

If anyone can connect the dots between a toga party and op-ed, Carosa can.

Email Chris Carosa: ccarosa@chriscarosa.com or visit ChrisCarosa.com


Suzette Standring  writes and teaches writing, and has broadened her career to include NSNC Executive Director.


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