Executive Director

Suzette Standring

Executive Director

SUZETTE MARTINEZ STANDRING was born and raised in San Francisco. In 1996 she relocated to the East Coast – Connecticut, New Jersey, and Massachusetts – and her writing life began.

Suzette with daughter Star, and granddaughters Lulu and Bella

Suzette with daughter Star, and granddaughters Lulu and Bella

Serendipity! An adult ed. course in journalism led to a reporter’s job at The Hunterdon County Democrat (NJ). Suddenly, she was assigned to cover the County Board. (What? The county fair, maybe!)

Baptism by fire in the newsroom: write tight, be accurate, interview the unwilling, and write compelling copy under deadline. As an antidote to news, she penned a humor column that proved popular.

She moved to Massachusetts in 2000. For The Milton Times, The Patriot Ledger, The Boston Globe, and The Huffington Post, she wrote humor, opinion, and lifestyle columns and features. In 2007 she wrote a spirituality column for The Patriot Ledger. Its parent company GateHouse Media nationally syndicated her column. (God has a wicked sense of humor!)

To improve as columnist, she applied what she learned from award winning columnists she met through the National Society of Newspaper Columnists (www.columnists.com)

Why not write books that could help other columnists as well? The Art of Column Writing (2008) and The Art of Opinion Writing (2014) are published through RRP International. Both award winning guidebooks are used in national journalism courses, such as Johns Hopkins University. (Not bad for a gal who never went to college. )

Suzette has a talent and passion for teaching. The mechanics of writing are easy to learn or to fix, but you have to be born with the heart of a writer. Such folks, however uncertain, insecure, or shy, are her favorites!

Suzette Martinez Standring

Suzette Standring

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  1. cathy gillentine
    March 1, 2017 at 8:50 am

    Best wishes for a successful directorship. I am happy to hear the theme of the conference. I got out of this group several years ago after it seemed like they had opened the membership to all the wannabees in the world. Which happened, I think, because we spent too much money on the Washington convention. Anyway, I hope you manage to make some professionals out of all those folks who decided to call themselves columnists regardless of their talents. Incidentally, I am now 86 and still writing a weekly column, for pay.

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