Columnist’s Oath of Office, Prayer, Motto

The Oath of Office

For NSNC officers. It’s optional, if we remember to conduct it. Either hand can go on a bound column collection (an Ernie Pyle book works) and the other hand upraised, holding a pen or quill

I, (name), do soberly swear,
To advocate for the craft of columns, in the field of journalism,
To abide by the Code of Conduct of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists,
To represent the National Society of Newspaper Columnists as (title).
How great Art –
– Buchwald.
Thy Will –
– Rogers.
So help me, Erma and Ernie.

– Ben Pollock, 2010

The Columnist’s Prayer

Dear Lord,
I live my life
in mortal dread,
some day I’ll die
one column ahead

– “Big Bob” Hill, 1993

The Columnist’s Motto

I will write no column before it’s time.
I will write no column before its time.

– Bob Hill

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The National Society of Newspaper Columnists promotes professionalism and camaraderie among columnists and other writers of the serial essay, including bloggers. NSNC advocates for columnists and free-press issues.