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Here are some links for folks interested in blogging.

Blogger, owned by Google, is a free blogging platform, though it may charge for some extras. Video tutorials can be helpful if you’re new at this.

WordPress is open-source software, meaning it’s free, and tested and managed by a community of thousands of developers. is for people without websites. It charges for a few extras most beginners don’t need. A recently updated, step-by-step tutorial for is found here. maintains the software for putting a blog onto a website, and it is totally free. Video tutorials for are here, where technical knowledge sometimes is needed.

Robert Niles of the Online Journalism Review, who spoke to the NSNC at its 2009 conference, has posted his 2010 “This Year’s Advice for Journalism Students.” His suggestions here are for writers at all levels who want to improve their online presence and overall networking.

Are you a conscientious user of graphics in your blog but don’t want to step on toes or get sued? Wikipedia offers Wikimedia Commons. Using pictures from it require a credit at most, not royalties or permissions.

Longtime NSNC member Bill Tammeus has tips for columnist-bloggers.

“Google” or “Bing” a phrase such as “what makes a good blog” for advice on content. My favorite and one of the shortest is by Merlin Mann. will update the blog-columnists page so check back every so often.

What do you need to know about blog-columns or column-blogs? Ask via our Contact Form. We’ll post answers on the website or reply to you directly.

— Ben Pollock

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