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Dave Lieber

 Dave Lieber Fort Worth Star Telegram Columnist  Secretary, NSNC Education Foundation       I feared the worst.    Of the 110 columnists whom I hosted in Grapevine, Texas three years ago for the 2005 NSNC conference, how many still have columnist jobs?    I decided to find out. Sent an e-mail survey to all e-mail addresses…

Presidents Message – Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett Pittsburgh Post-Gazette NSNC President   Got that tired, run-down feeling? Are you pressured to do more with less, slash your expenses, take on extra duties, learn technologies you’d rather not? Worst of all, are you worried that your column is getting into a rut?   You can’t wangle any more vacation, and besides,…

Tips on blogs

By Bill Tammeus   For a newspaper-related blog to be effective, it must give readers something useful they can’t get elsewhere and it must do that consistently. So it can’t be just another column full of words. Rather, it must offer links to related Web sites, helpful graphics, an opportunity to correspond with the blogger and…

President’s Message – Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett

By Samantha Bennett NSNC President   I don’t mean to frighten you, but I’m also sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t know: This is a weird and scary time to be a columnist.    Almost every week, it seems, another newspaper announces layoffs or buyouts. Polls show the public doesn’t trust us or…

Dealing with Hateful Readers

Dave Lieber

By Dave Lieber Fort Worth Star-Telegram Columnist www.yankeecowboy.com      My first journalistic mentor was noted writer H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger. While in high school, I read his columns in the University of Pennsylvania student newspaper and decided I wanted to be like him. I enrolled at Penn, and in my first week as a freshman…

Meet Your New President – Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Hello, NSNC. I’m Samantha Bennett, and I write a weekly humor column for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Having been your membership chair and vice president, I’m now your president for the next two years. I ran on the strength of my cartwheeling prowess — but let me tell you a little more…