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2018 Conference Program Descriptions

Connie Schultz

Have Questions? Ask Alex

Dealing with Hateful Readers

Dave Lieber

By Dave Lieber Fort Worth Star-Telegram Columnist www.yankeecowboy.com      My first journalistic mentor was noted writer H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger. While in high school, I read his columns in the University of Pennsylvania student newspaper and decided I wanted to be like him. I enrolled at Penn, and in my first week as a freshman…

Meet Your New President – Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Hello, NSNC. I’m Samantha Bennett, and I write a weekly humor column for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Having been your membership chair and vice president, I’m now your president for the next two years. I ran on the strength of my cartwheeling prowess — but let me tell you a little more…

A moment of silence amid loss

Smiley Anders The Advocate, Baton Rouge  It takes a lot to shut up a bunch of columnists. These are people used to expressing their opinions forcefully – and often. On Saturday I was in a bus full of them, and they were finally at a loss for words. At the 32nd annual conference of the…

Prez Column – Mike Argento

Mike Argento

                                                    I was going to write about our upcoming conference in New Orleans, or how I’ve spent the week doing stuff like recording podcasts and scripting Web videos and producing parody ads.  But I can’t.   Not right now.  My friend Jim Hubley died. He had been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor just a few days…

We, Columnists, Are Here To Stay

Dave Lieber

By Dave Lieber Fort Worth Star-Telegram Secretary, NSNC Education Foundation  www.yankeecowboy.com    I looked all over for my Wall Street Journal. But it wasn’t there the other day. No, the New York Times, the Dallas Morning News and my own Fort Worth Star-Telegram were lying there on the driveway. But no Journal. This bothered me. I…

Advice to a young writer

By Terry Marotta Columnist, The Citizen of Laconia (N.H.) Last Tuesday a seventh grader named Danielle wrote to the National Society of Newspaper Columnists with some questions about our work. She needed the answers by Friday and was sorry this was so last-minute, but she did hope someone could help her. As a proud member…