McNay announces engagement

Don McNay, former member of the NSNC board, and award-winning financial columnist, announced his plans to marry in the Huffington Post last week, shunning advice in HuffPo from Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the founder of eHarmony.  After the proposal in Louisville, KY, Don shared the details of the event in his blog.

Don wrote out his proposal on paper, then couldn’t read his writing in spite of several tries. Eventually, the bride to be figured it out and said “yes.” Then she got up to use the restroom and fell and broke her thumb. Obviously, this is a couple that was meant for each other.

Karen’s father was a dairy farmer, Don’s a professional gambler. Karen is media shy. Don wrote about their engagement in an online newspaper. Karen is an established professional educator. Don is financial expert who founded a structured settlement and financial consulting firm. Don is worried about merging families, households, and incomes.

“Then I look at how she adores me. Which is a reflection of how I truly adore her.” McNay says.

Check out Don’s column and join NSNC in congratulations and best wishes to the happy couple.

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