Columnists Write about Indy Conference

NSNC 2015 — Indianapolis

Map of IndianaThe June 25-28 conference of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists inspired the writers who attended.

Following are columns and stories about the 39th annual NSNC conference as well as riffs and rants it spawned.

The list is not complete so it will be updated as other columns are published. Please send suggestions for links — yours or others — to our Contact Form.

Dave Astor — “Jealousy Causes Friction and Frisson in Fiction,” “The Very Well-Traveled Caterpillar” — Dave Astor on Literature [latter added 7/13/15]

Bitsy Bitner — “Finding Uncommon Ground in Indiana” — Albany, New York, Times Union [added 7/16/15]

Joani Foster –“Stay Inspired” — Being Ageless [added 7/11/15]

Rick Horowitz — “Signs of Change: A Flag, A Shirt …” — Milwaukee Public Television

John Krull — “RFRA, Chestnut Horses and Horse Chestnuts” — The Statehouse File, behind paywall

Ben Pollock — “A Panel on Ethics for Columnists, Other Writers” — Brick: Muse on News

Mary Schmich — “‘I Am Not a Columnist’ – Mary Schmich” — National Society of Newspaper Columnists

Suzette Martinez Standring — “Columnists in Indiana — What Suzette the Tourist Saw,” “Unicorn Sighting: Politician Who Loves Journalists” — [latter added 7/13/15]

Cynthia Stead — “Free Press Carries Responsibilities” — Cape Cod Times

Bill Tammeus

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