Suddenly Senior Overwhelmed

Frank Kaiser is delighted but overwhelmed at the response to his offer to print selected columns on his “Suddenly Senior” Web site. 
The longtime NSNC member from Florida said he received about 30 columns following a notice in the March newsletter inviting the submission of columns that would appeal to his readers.  The nationally syndicated Suddenly Senior column is read in 83 publications coast to coast by more than 3.1 million Americans over age 50 who have “become senior way before their time.”
“We’re still receiving them,” he said.  “But please remind contributors that Carolyn and I both have cancer, that I’m in the hospital often a week evry month.  And threre’s no one else here to read contributions, edit, etc. “When I need a column, I find one I like, do the work, send the check.  Until that happens, I haven’t time to answer questions, or even be nice.  My apologies.”

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