Book Launch Recap & New Debut


Launch party recap for Mommy are we French Yet?

Oh my gosh, I was so thrilled and surprised with the great response I received for the launch of my book Mommy are we French Yet? Either no one had anything to do on a Saturday afternoon or to repeat Sally Fields famous line from the Academy Awards “You like me, you really like me.”

However I did have a lot of people (at least 5) ask me if I was going to have some sort of book debut in Burien. Some people just don’t like to leave b-town and who can blame them? So back by popular demand ( mostly family and paid friends) I’ll be at the Tin Room to introduce, Mommy are we French Yet?
  mommy are we french yet book cover  


Tin Room Bar, Olde Burien
Thursday, June 24th
4:00 – 5:30

                                                         ~ Shawn


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Shawn Underwood, humor columnist for the B-Town Blog, Burien, Wash., scheduled a launch party and book signing on June 5 for “Mommy, are we French Yet?” (Five-Star Misadventures her book about living in France for a year with her children.

She says, “it is not an insurmountable task … but it’s made doubly rewarding when the day to day chores and challenges are approached with humor.”

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