Dave Barry, Still Immature at 62

Dave Barry, a Pulitzer Prize winner for his humor column at the Miami Herald, and a featured guest speaker at the NSNC Conference in Philadelphia in 2007, is still at it and apparently, as funny as ever.  He recently did an interview with Bryan Curtis, senior editor, at The Daily Beast.  Dave’s latest book is out and called “I’ll Mature When I’m Dead: Dave Barry’s Amazing Tales of Adulthood” (Putnam).

According to Curtis, Barry at 62 doesn’t appear to have aged and his work doesn’t seem like that that of an over-the-hill humorist. However, Curtis does observe that there’s something more adult about the latest book. 

Barry retired his syndicated humor column 5 years ago, but still writes occasionally for the Miami Herald and does other writing, such as, co-writing the script for this year’s Academy Awards. He continues to blog and tweets under the handle @RayAdverb if you want to follow him.

When questioned yet again about whether he missed seeing his by-line in print and writing a regular column, he said “I don’t feel that pressure to me to come up with a 650-word, ‘wacky’ humor piece every week, and that’s been kind of nice.” Until very recently, Barry’s columns still appeared as reruns. Barry said, “I never wrote a column to be read years later, and I certainly didn’t write them to be called ‘classic.’” “Which just means old.”

Check out the article at The Daily Beast to hear more, including the story of Barry’s cowardly vasectomy. And be sure to pick up a copy of Barry’s latest book and let us know if being immature at 62 is really as much fun as we hope it is.

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