Twenty Years of Walley (seems longer)

Wally SpiersTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of writing a column for the Belleville, Ill. News-Democrat, Wally Spiers interviewed himself  on video for the newspaper’s website.  “Silly, but fun,” he said.

*   *   *

So… we were wondering… what other great events happened 20 years ago?

  • The first McDonald’s opened in Moscow, Russia
  • Nelson Mandela, a political prisoner for 27 years, was elected deputy President of the African National Congress.
  • May 1990: Microsoft releases Windows 3.0 the breakthrough edition, that helped Microsoft compete with the Mac OS.
  • Farrah Fawcett liked her independence and decided that marriage was out of the question. “It kills romance,” the actress said.
  • The pilot episode of Seinfeld premired
  • Exxon was indicted on five criminal counts for negligence that resulted in the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
  • Comedian Roseanne Barr grabed her crotch and spits on the ground when performing the U.S. national anthem at a San Diego Padres ballgame.
  • Iraq invaded Kuwait, eventually leading to the Gulf War.
  • The first known World Wide Web page was written. 

OUCH!  Feeling old yet?  Imagine how Wally feels….

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