Poynter seeks input on new website

Poynter Institute, a major journalism information, training and media news resource, celebrates its 35th anniversary in November and will be launching a new media news website for the occasion. The site is asking for feedback from its users.

“The site’s goal is to serve anyone pursuing journalism excellence — newsroom journalists, journalists outside traditional newsrooms, and people interested in developing journalism skills, even if they are practicing in allied or unrelated fields.” says Julie Moos, director of Poynter Online.

Poynter has built a prototype site using WordPress, with a theme they purchased and plan to refine and re-design. They want to know if users understand the organization, can find the content they want, and if the organization seems to make sense. They want to make it easier to understand how journalism is changing, among other goals of the new site.

In addition to being a school that teaches journalism, Poynter Online is known in the media profession for Romenesko, a major source of media news. The new site will continue to have the latest news and analysis from Romenesko,

To read more details about the site re-design, go to Poynter Institute

If you want to comment on the site, fill out the survey.

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