Get Your Official NSNC T-Shirt

The official NSNC T-Shirt allows you to identify with the other members of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, and to proudly display your colors. In this case the colors are black with a bright dash of  yellow lettering. (Yes, we know the unfortunate association “yellow” has with “journalism,” but the color combo is cool and it “reads” well.)

The official NSNC T-shirt comes in two sizesXL and Medium. Each has a breast pocket, handy for carrying pens, pencils, a small notepad, cell phone, gum, breath mints, Advil — all the columnists’ necessities of life. The pocket is imprinted with the NSNC logo in yellow, while the back of the T-shirt carries these words — “Columnists Do It: Write!”

We’re sure that word play/pun is not too subtle for you.

The T-shirt is availabe for a donation of $20 and because we don’t like busting stones, we’ll include postage. There are two more important things to say: 1) T-shirt proceeds go into the NSNC scholarship fund, which is one of the more important and serious things we do. 2) The T-shirts are slimming (and all the cool kids have them).

They are our design and are available nowhere else.

To order yours, contact NSNC Executive Director Luenna Kim.

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