USN&WR Going Digital

U.S. News &World Report reports that the December issue will be the last printed monthly for subscribers. They plan to transition to a predominantly digital publishing model.

U.S. News claims to be a leading innovator in adapting to the changing environment in the newspaper world — and “we don’t intend to give up that lead.”

While no longer printing a monthly for subscribers, they will continue to print non-subscription papers for newsstand sale and targeted distribution, such as the publication’s popular university and personal finance guide. It also plans to release four special editions throughout the year.

U.S. News Media Group plans to take advantage of the new emerging platforms, such as the iPad and other mobile platforms.

With an average unique audience of 9 million, USN&WR believes they are in a position to become a significant publisher in digital media. Their aim is to continue improving existing products while selectively creating new ones.

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