Decades of Winners Listed now has archived the 1990-2010 winners of the annual contest of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, plus ’88 and ’86’s. Click here for the list.

The NSNC sponsors an annual contest for published columnists (as opposed to a competition among student writers, which also is offered). A glance through these previous winners shows a number of familiar, prominent names. More information on the contest is posted at in these articles. A little disclaimer: As the profession has changed and the NSNC itself has evolved, the contest categories and rules have updated as well.

Winners and finalists of the NSNC Column Contest for earlier years, and in 1989 and ’87, will need further research. Please write to us if you have old records or newsletters so we can complete this document.

Thanks go to Archivist Dave Astor for this work!

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