Caneday’s Book Now on Kindle

Los Angeles columnist Patrick Caneday reminded fellow NSNC members at that his book is now available on Kindle and is free to borrow for Amazon Prime members.

Crooked Little Birdhouse: Random Thoughts on Being Human is a collection of Caneday’s “Small Wonders” columns that have appeared in the Glendale News Press and Burbank Leader. But, with the addition of a series of previously unpublished, lengthier essays, he explores his life and position as a house-dad/writer, in more depth than 800 words allows.

Caneday quipped, “Your “likes,” “diggs,” “tweets,” reviews and other sundry positive affirmations are greatly appreciated and will score you a thousand virgin (margaritas) in the hereafter, here after.”

Visit Patrick on the web at www.patrickcaneday. com. His book available at

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