Announcing NSNC 2017 Column Writing Contest Winners


Category A: General Interest, print over 50,000 circulation

First Place:  Helen Ubinas, Philadelphia Daily News

Second Place: Mike Newall, Philadelphia Media Network

Third Place: Jesse Rifkin, Boxoffice Magazine, USA Today, LA Times

Category B: Humor, print, over 50,000 circulation

First Place:  Irv Erdos, San Diego Union Tribune

Second Place:  Leah Eskin, Chicago Tribune

Third Place: Scott Maxwell, Orlando Sentinel

Honorable Mentions

Theodore Decker, The Columbus Dispatch

Joyce Wadler, New York Times

Betsy Bitner, Albany Times Union

Category C:  General Interest, print under 50,000 circulation

First Place: Steve Damish, The Enterprise

Second Place:  Rini Jeffers, The Chronicle-Telegram

Third Place: Gary Yordon, Tallahasee Democrat

Honorable Mentions:

Jeff Katz, STYLE Weekly

Kevin McKeever, The Stamford Advocate

Ken Tingley, The Post-Star

Category D: Humor, print under 50,0000 circulation

First Place:  Jessica Leigh Lebos, Connect Savannah

Second Place: Teresa Santoski, The Telegraph

Third Place: Judy Epstein, Blank Slate Media

Category E: General Interest, Online, Blog, Multimedia Over 100,000 unique visitors

First Place:  Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

Second Place:  Timothy L. O’Brien, Bloomberg

Third Place: Susan Antilla, TheStreet

Honorable Mentions

Jill Lawrence, USA TODAY

Mohamad Bazzi, Reuters

Category F:  General Interest, Online, Blog, Multimedia, Under 100,000 unique visitors

First Place:  Lee Gaitan, The Bounce Back Blog

Second Place:  Paul Willcott, Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Third Place:  Molly Stevens, Blog: Shallow Reflections

Honorable Mentions:

Nancy Colasurdo, Blog: Unfettered Expression

Christine Wolf, “ChicagoNow”, Riding The Waves

Category G: Humor – Online, Blog and Multimedia Columns Over 50,000 Monthly Unique Visitors

First Place: Dawn Weber, The Huffington Post

Second Place:  Elaine Ambrose, The Huffington Post

Third Place:  Lisa Sugarman, Marblehead (MA) Reporter

Category H: Humor – Online, Blog and Multimedia Columns Under 50,000 Monthly Unique Visitors

First Place:  David Jaffe, Blog, Sleeping Between Giants

Second Place: Jason Graves, Blog, What’s Wrong with Daddy?

Third Place:  Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, Blog, The Science of Parenthood

Honorable Mention:

Stephanie Lewis, Blog, Once Upon Your Prime


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