2018 NSNC Column Writing Contest Makes a Difference!

Does Winning Make a Difference?

By Suzette Standring
NSNC Executive Director

Get ready! The NSNC Column Writing Contest is coming up and national bragging rights could be yours. Eight categories, 36 ways to place, and cash prizes!  A specially designed NSNC Winner’s Badge is given to all winners for personal website posting.

Your frustrations were heard: The 2018 submission process is being streamlined, thanks to Contest Chair and board member Brian Thompson of Flagler College.  

Choose your contest samples and be ready to submit.  Again, NSNC members enjoy a sizable discount fee to enter, so join now. (Members: $30/entry v. Non-Members: $60/entry.)

Can winning or placing in the NSNC Column Writing Contest make a career difference?  

Let’s hear from two 2017 winners (one of whom met with a literary agent featured at the NSNC’s first-ever Literary Agents Panel).

Professionally, it’s had a big impact as well. Because I was an award winner, I decided to go to the conference because one of the perks for attendees was 10 minutes with a literary agent. My writing partner and I had been bouncing an idea around for our next book and we wanted to see if it had legs. All I was looking for was a professional opinion regarding whether our idea was marketable. I pitched the idea to Sam Hiyate of The Rights Factory. Not only did he think it was marketable, he immediately talked about signing me and my partner. We got him a proposal for the book, we had a conference call, and, within a month of the conference, we were clients of The Rights Factory. Sam brought in an expert reader to help us refine our proposal (at his expense), and our new proposal is currently making the rounds of publishers. It’s a tough market. So our fingers are crossed. Sam’s a wonderful champion for our work. This isn’t our first go-round with an agent. So we know a really great agent when we work with one.

Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, Third Place, Online, Blog and Multimedia Columns, Under 50,000 Monthly Unique Visitors 

Co-author of Science of Parenthood: Thoroughly Unscientific Explanations for Utterly Baffling Parenting Situations  (www.scienceofparenthood.com)

My posts on social media about the NSNC contest win resulted in additional traffic to my website. I noticed an increase in book sales and received offers to speak for regional groups. I appreciate the exposure and recognition the NSNC contest provided.

Elaine Ambrose, Second Place, Humor – Online, Blog and Multimedia Columns, Over 50,000 Monthly Unique Visitors


The Huffington Post, elaineambrose.com

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Suzette Standring writes and teaches writing, and has broadened her career to include NSNC Executive Director.

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