Dessert With Discussion: Three Cincinnati Icons Come Together for NSNC18 dessert

By Bonnie Jean Feldkamp

Communications Director and NSNC18 Conference Chair

The Cincinnati Zoo, Graeter’s Ice Cream, and Cincinnati Public Radio come together for a special afternoon on Friday, June 8th, during the NSNC annual conference.

Attendees will enjoy “Sundae Service” courtesy of historic Graeter’s Ice Cream at the Treetops Facility in the Cincinnati Zoo while Cincinnati Public Radio columnist Howard Wilkinson talks about what 44 years of interviewing top names in politics has taught him about the art of interviewing. How do you get beyond the sound bites and pat answers we’ve all heard from intimidating public figures who’ve practiced their lines?

In addition to covering politics for WVXU, Wilkinson uses his new “Tales From the Trail” column to write the stories he couldn’t when covering politics for The Cincinnati Enquirer.

“Tales From the Trail” takes readers behind the scenes to what it’s like to be a writer on the road. Wilkinson writes about compensating for missing keyboard keys after his laptop was attacked by a bomb-sniffing dog. And about getting stranded on the side of the road when a campaign bus driver with an outstanding warrant gets pulled over for speeding.

Howard Wilkinson’s tips from his years of interviewing experience help our process. His behind-the-scenes stories from the trail remind us we’re all in this together. You might say that’s the cherry on top.

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Bonnie Jean Feldkamp is NSNC Communications Director and an award-winning blogger and features contributor for Cincinnati Family Magazine.

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