Legacy Award

Beginning in 2009, the National Society of Newspaper Columnists established the Legacy Award to honor members for significant, long-term contributions to the NSNC.

NSNC Legacy Award recipients were recognized at the following NSNC annual conferences:

2017, Manchester, New Hampshire:
Dave Lieber, Dallas Morning News, Texas

2016, Los Angeles, California:
Robert L. Haught, Independent Writer, Virginia

2015, Indianapolis, Indiana:
Bill Tammeus, Kansas City Star, Missouri

2011, Detroit, Michigan:
Mike Harden (posthumous), Columbus Dispatch, Ohio
Larry Maddry, Virginian-Pilot, Viriginia
Richard Des Ruisseaux, Louisville Courier-Journal, Kentucky

2010, Bloomington, Indiana:
George Smith, Anniston Star (Alabama)
“Big Bob” Hill (retired), Louisville Courier-Journal, Kentucky

Future Legacy laureates will be listed on this page. The Legacy is not an annual award. The NSNC board selects the recipients and welcomes informal nominations. Email: director@columnists.com


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