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Whether you write for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, trade journals or other periodicals or for radio or video … whether you’re on staff, a freelancer, syndicated, self-syndicated or independent, please join the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.
We heartily encourage membership by online and multimedia columnists, bloggers and similar Web reporters, commentators, analysts, humorists and essayists.
We welcome retired or former columnists, journalism scholars and collegian columnists.

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Here are reasons some people have given for belonging:

“Renewed because the NSNC is an excellent organization with wonderful people, and it has taught me a lot.”

“I’m choosing to renew because I value your commitment to the industry, and to helping the members, current and future, make their way through these tumultuous times. And you’re a fun bunch of folks to hang out with!”

“I find NSNC valuable, especially exchanging ideas with other columnists.”

“It’s financially reasonable. NSNC has great, creative (and fun) people.”

“NSNC is a valuable source of advice, and a morale boost.”

“I like to keep abreast of what’s happening and pick up tips from other writers.”

“The NSNC does a good job keeping columnists informed and educated about the realities of the business for today and tomorrow.”

“It’s great to have a networking and support group of people doing the same thing I do.”

“I want to enter the contest and go to the conference.”


National Society of Newspaper Columnists Privacy Policy

Thinking Columnist

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The National Society of Newspaper Columnists is very concerned about the safety and security of our members. Online transactions are secured by PayPal Financial Services and subject to their User Agreement and Privacy Policy.  PayPal does not share your credit/debit card number with NSNC. If you fax or mail your credit/debit card number, it is not stored in any database. It is used only for the transaction you have requested.

We collect the personal information listed in the Membership Application for purposes of providing membership services.  The only information that is accessible to other NSNC members and to the public is your name and websites. If you do not wish to have this information accessible to other NSNC member or the public, you can opt out with the Contact Form.  If you have additional questions regarding your privacy, please write them to us on the Contact Form or phone (415) 488-NSNC.


The National Society of Newspaper Columnists is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization incorporated in the state of California. The NSNC promotes professionalism and camaraderie among columnists and other writers of the serial essay, including bloggers. NSNC advocates for columnists and free-press issues.