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Competitors and Cheaters

Dave Lieber

By Dave Lieber Fort Worth Star-Telegram Columnist Secretary, National Society of Newspaper Columnists Education Foundation Competitors One of the best things about being a newspaper columnist is you get to compete, really compete, with columnists on other regional newspapers. And you can laugh at their foibles, and they can laugh at yours, too. It’s all…

National Columnists Day – April 18th

National Columnists Day – April 18th By Bill Tammeus Former NSNC President       Back in the early 1990s, when I was president of this nervy and nervous band of scribes, I got a note from a new member who was full of enthusiasm for the NSNC but was, alas, directionless.   “I’d like to…

Quotes about Pyle

Ernie Pyle

Quotes from NSNC Columnists It was 50 years ago today that Ernie Pyle should have ducked. While riding in a jeep with some soldiers on some flyspeck of a Pacific island, he was picked off by a machine gun…. Finally, I found it, sandwiched between two headstones on which were simply etched “Unknown.” There was…

National Columnists’ Day

Dave Lieber

As seen in Fort Worth-Star Telegram – April 18, 1998 Hero teaches lesson, but not about writing  By Dave Lieber, Columnist, Fort Worth Star-Telegram  Columnists across America this weekend are writing about National Columnists Day, a fun quasi holiday in which they honor Ernie Pyle, the great columnist who was killed 53 years ago yesterday…

On Art Buchwald… – Mike Argento

Art Buchwald

COLUMNIST ENJOYS A CELESTIAL STOGIE By Mike Argento, NSNC President (This first appeared in the York Daily Record January 22, 2007) Jan 22, 2007 – Art Buchwald appears at the Pearly Gates and is told by St. Peter to take a seat.   “Mr. Buchwald, it’s about time you got here.” “Call me Art, please.”…

Prez Column – Mike Argento

Mike Argento

By Mike Argento, NSNC President I was reading a New York Times story about a $7 million libel verdict in a case filed by a judge and former Chicago Bear kicker against a newspaper columnist in Illinois when I stumbled upon a stunning passage. The story said, “The newspaper’s lawyers said they were handicapped because…